Finned Tubes

  • Finned tube type extruded:
    A smooth core tube is inserted into a heavy wall aluminum outer tube, the extrusion firmly bonds the finished outer tube with fins to the inner tube. The inner tube may be of any material. Due to the special fabrication process, bond of the outer and inner tube provide optimum heat transfer and maximum corrosion protection. This type of finned tube is recommended for longer life applications, corrosive atmospheric conditions or high temperature.
    (Fluid temperature up to 550 o F).

  • Finned tube type "L" ( L - Base Wrap - On Fins )
    The fin strip is shaped into a "L" under tension over the outside surface of a tube with the tube fully covered by the base between the fins, obtaining an efficient heat transfer.
    (Fluid temperature up to 350 o F).

  • Low Finned Tube
    The process of this finned tube is similar to the extruded finned tube but in this one the fin is made from the same tube obtaining a fin of lower high.